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Residents of the Virginia City Highlands
The Virginia City Highlands is a rural subdivision about 5 miles north of Virginia City, Nevada USA. This list is a way for residents to keep up on news of the community. The list is fully moderated. Generally, the only requirements for posts are that they must be on-topic, and they must be civil. This group was originally started on September 28, 2000 on Yahoo! Groups.   It was moved here on February 18, 2015. This is not an official publication of the Virginia City Highlands Property Owners Association ( ) , the Highland Ranches Property Owners Association ( ) , nor of the Virginia Ranches. Check current weather at the VCH entrance, courtesy of the Nevada Department of Transportation ( ). Map of Virginia City Highlands (,-119.647379&spn=0.023452,0.046906&z=15 )
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  • Off-topic discussion of the Virginia City Highlands
    The OT@VCH subgroup is for members of the main VCH group, but it is unmoderated.  You can have off-topic discussions here with people from the Highlands (politics, religion, 49ers, etc.) Cover photo credit:  Mashup of Phunk Studio & Keith Judson
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